Vintage 1957 Truck+Backdrop

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We are so excited to offer our guests to have their own photo session at Cloverdale Cabins in front of our very own Vintage 1957 Truck on the property. Our guests can choose to bring their own photographer on the property or just simply snap a picture from your phone.

This feature is FREE for guests who choose to stay in the cabins. OR if you just simply want to use the Vintage Truck+Backdrop for your photo session, then just pay our small fee, and it's all yours to stop by and use. Don't forget to post on social media and tag @Cloverdalecabins so we can see all of the fun photos.Ā 

Happy Photo Shooting!

*****In order to book a cabin/accommodation AND the Vintage Truck+ Backdrop, you must select at lease 2 in the drop down menu for the “Number of Accommodation”.*************